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Photos From My Travels Through Tokyo Japan

The Day in the life of a Geisha

Japan Geisha8.jpg
Japan Geisha7.jpg

Again, where ever  the camera is put the the results will be so good.

The last of the Geisha, but there are still a handfull left in Japan. The geisha is a professional entertainer, they are hired for various different occasions, banquets, buisness meetings, etc..

Japan Geisha9.jpg

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Japan Geisha10.jpg
Japan Geisha11.jpg

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They have to be highly skill in many traditionla Japanese arts, such as singing, dance  music plus  incrediblely sociable and be able to drink like a fish and she never gave out extra's. She drunk me under the table

Japan Geisha2.jpg

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Japan Geisha14.jpg

Shibuya distict in Toyko is ne of the best places to eat & drink in the world. This is Nonbei Yokocho (Drunkard Alley)

Japan Geisha4.jpg
Japan Geisha17.jpg

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Japan Geisha12.jpg
Japan Geisha13.jpg

I also love the square box bars at the back of the station, where you can only fit 6 people in, if your lucky I'm just surprized that we got any work done. 

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Here's a massive Cosplay convention we filmed at, where everyone dresses up as their favourite charater from comic's ,film, anime, cartoons, TV, manga etc. you get the picture.

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Japan Geisha22.jpg
Japan Geisha20.jpg

 The love, detail & skill that goes into these custumes is inpecccable, (yes...I looked the word up) The Interesting thing was that every single outfit were taken from Japanese charaters only , not a Batman or Spiderman in sight.

Japan Geisha3.jpg

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Japan Geisha19.jpg
Japan Geisha5.jpg

Hey, their's always some one that has to spiol it for everyone else...

Japan Geisha27.jpg

Gallon's of Sake, great bars, music, Jazz hands - I'm the real victum here.

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