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Photos From My Travels Through Singapore

From the top Chef of Sing., to Barbies down under.

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If you are looking for food, Food , FOOD, Singapore's  the place. One of the best Chefs in S.E.Asia, Justin Quek  showed me it all. From the smallest side street stalls to 5 star dinning, 

 we ate the lot.

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I worked in his restaurant for a couple of days in the Marina Bay Sands hotel, to shown case his delicious culinary  delights. That's my brussel sprout dish which didn't go down well, even as a cheap joke. At the end of a days work, he took us all down to a secret whiskey bar and then on to the streets to eat deep fried chicken skin... Hummm. What a man! 


This is Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia. Its a former fronier town and still feels like it but that's rapidly changing of course. I'm with Darran,  his wife Jan & there son Ned for the crazy craze of Mud Racing. Which simply means, you build a huge bad-arse, super powerful car and race around a track completey made of thick, sloppy mud, quickest time wins. With different categories for engine size. Darren and his car Ogre is the Champ! And so is his wife...

car antique.jpg

Include info here please


Jan and her team, the PMT's, got a bit bored watching their husbands having all the fun, so they formed their own team and now the trophies are rolling in. Sitting in the passanger seat and going around the track, just once at top speed, is the wildest white-knuckle ride you could get. After the racing its beers and  BBQ time.  If it can be smoked its going in Darren's new smoker, if it can't be smoked, it's going in Darren's new smoker. 

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