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A Preview of The Gallery Sewn Arts Consisting of Docklands Cranes, Cambridge Arts, Old School Arts, Isle of Dogs,  Fish, Forgery's and Views from Above.
Art Sewn1i.jpg

The legs of the Millwall Docks crane. 20cm x 29cm.

£ 280

Art Sewn1j.jpg

Cranes at Millwall Docks. Isle of Dogs. 20cm x 29cm.

£ 280

Art Sewn1n.jpg

Cranes on the South Docks. Canary Wharf

Docklands. London.  39cm x 49cm.

£ 389

Cambridge collage, Corpus Christi entran
Cambridge collage, Corpus Christi entrance. Fabric & beads
£350 SOLD
ia (10).jpg
Cambridge market next to St. Mary church. 12cmx 12cm
St Johns college gateway Cambridge.jpg
St. John’s college gateway. Cambridge.
12cm x 12cm

Old style fruit machine.    38cm x 22cm.

£ 380


Old cassette tapes, mega mix. (I still use tapes in my old car)  40cm x 30cm.

£ 420

Old London Barge Boats.jpg

Old London Barge Boats. Docklands Skyline,
O2 Arena 12cm x12cm


Old London barge drifts past Greenwich N

Boat unloading its cargo at pickle Herring Wharf, river Thames, London. 2cm x 12cm. 

 £ 240

Old image of boat at Pickle Herring whar

London sailing barge drifts passed Greenwich naval college, London. 2cm x 12cm. 

 £ 240.

Gold Fish.jpg
Goldfish.  30cm x 20cm.  
£ 380.
Still life with Aubergines Henri Matisse
Still life with Aubergines - Henri Matisse and Ian Wright. 12cm x 12 cm. 
Balcony view in southern Spain.jpg

Spanish seaside holiday. 12cm x 12cm.

£ 240

ia (6).jpg

  COD.   30cm x 20cm.  

£ 420.

Can't remember this one too! Someone let me know.
3 5cm x 25cm
ia (12).jpg

 Havana, Cuba.  12cm x 12cm. 

 £ 240.

ia (4).jpg
The Rainbow Trout.  50cm x 20cm.
£ 420.
The Red Room Matisse.jpg
The Red Room  by Henri Matisse and Ian Wright. 12cm x 12cm.
£ 200.
Coastal view with vase, southern Spain.j

Roses on a Spanish balcony, apartment by the sea. 12cm x 12cm.

£ 240

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