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Photos From My Travels Through Okinawa, Japan.

Football, drinking and fighting in Okinawa.

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Japan Okinawa3.jpg
Japan Okinawa6.jpg

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Japan Okinawa5.jpg

This is the football team too support, in Japan,  RUYKU FC, which is the historic name for Okinawa.They are doing well in the J2 league but I won't be investing. They sort of remind me of my team in the UK, IPSWICH TOWN FC but without the doing well bit, but it was great to follow them around for a week. 

Japan Okinawa7.jpg

Their average crowd is about 2,000 and every team has their resident nutter .

Their stadium is in a fantatic location too.

Japan Okinawa4.jpg
Japan Okinawa10.jpg

Even the Ruykc mascot has a lot of passion, I only mentioned Ipswich once...

Japan Okinawa8.jpg
Japan Okinawa9.jpg

I realized that my style of football play is all based on first playing the game in the 1970's, sharpened studs, smoking fags at half time and 10meter sliding tackcles, were you can see the slide mark from outer space. So, no surprise that i didnt last to long.

Japan Okinawa11.jpg

The japanese drink saki like water, but they are amateurs compaired to drinking on the island, plus they have their very own drink  -Awamor ,which is unique to Okinawa. Wow..... its strong stuff! I was a big fan, so much so, the even the Director had to tell me to slow down on the booze...

Japan Okinawa1.JPG
Japan Okinawa2.JPG

Any drink that has a posionous snake, pickled inside the bottle , is only going to end up one way. 


And anyone that is a peaceful, Zen master, who claims that the true and righteous way in life, is through non-violence, and that can be, the ONLY true path.... is, of course, an insanely, frustated, homicidal killer.

Imagine training for 60 years of your life, and now you are, so highly skilled that you can assassinate anybody, at anytime with a single flick of a finger-nail. 60 years of your life, of discipline and relentless training, day in, day out, learning sometime that you will never, ever use in your life. You must be going bat-shit crazy just to try it out on some one. 

Then, one day out of the blue, a TV crew turn up from England, wanting to film a demostration of all those lovely skills you have learnt and they have kinding provided a you with a cheeky, little presenter that you can use, to finally vent all those decades of pent up anger on too. Ding Dong.......

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