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Sewn ART- Fish Paintings

Back in the 1970’s-80’s , there was always a stuffed fish, mainly a Pike, in a case on the walls of British pubs. I don’t know why? But there they where. (No to be confused with the annoying plastic fish that sings when you press the button.)

I always like them so I created my own out of fabric, beads, buttons and shiny cloth.

Fish2 Frame.jpg
The Rainbow Trout.
 53cm x 23cm.
£ 320
Fish1 Frame.jpg

The Pike fish. 

53cm x 26cm.


ia (4).jpg
Rainbow Trout  Detail.

The Pike fish Detail,

Fish3 in Frame.jpg

The Red Salmon.   

53cm x 23cm.   

£ 320

ia (6).jpg


53cm x 26cm.  

£ 320


The Three Piranahs.

53cm x 23cm.



 The Piranah is a beauitful and terrifying fish, all at the same time. Its whole shape is design for killing, the hunched back, powerful tail and huge month full of needle like teeth. My first encounter with them was from old 'B' movies. Where two explorers tried to wade across a jungle river against the locals advice and there was something nasty in the water. Then 10 minutes later a heap of gawled human bones got washed up on the side of bank. It scared the living daylights out off me.



Although, I must say, they do taste good.

Many years ago I was in Guyana, in South America on an Operation Raleigh scheme which was set up to give kids from all back grounds, a different life experience.

It was mental..100 teenages dropped deep into the rainforest for three months. It was Brilliant!  There was 30 of us staying in a small village called Orealla on the Courantyne river. But everyone that lived there had something missing or a bite scare from the big river piranah's. These fish didn't attack in large numbers but were solitary  hunters , a quick single bite, the size of a golf ball and then they were gone. For the first 2 weeks everyone was swimming with a cooking tin down front of their shorts. Only one of us got biten in that month to win the piranah sweep stake.

Good fun to fish! I caught a 6 pounder 2.7 kg , fried it up and kept the teeth.. delish!

Gold Fish.jpg
Goldfish.  30cm x 20cm.  
£ 280
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