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Sewn Art Cambridge

One of the joys of a more traditional art collage, there was always a life drawing class in session somewhere in the building. Its one of the best & hardest ways to learn how to draw. Later on, me and my wife would running life drawing classes at her community centre in east London. 

ia (10).jpg
Cambridge market next to St. Mary church. 
12cmx 12cm
Canoe rivr bridge.jpg

Punting under The bridge of Signs . St. John’s college, Cambridge. 

12cm x 12cm. 

£240. SOLD.

St Johns college gateway Cambridge.jpg
Gateway to St johns collage and  Cambridge
12cm x 12cm.
bycle studnts1.jpg

Student bike locked to St Mary’s church fence in Cambridge market. 53cm x 53cm.

£ 280

bycle students.jpg

Detail ofStudent bike locked to St Mary’s church fence,,,

Cambridge collage, Corpus Christi entran
Cambridge collage, Corpus Christi entrance. Fabric & beads
£350 SOLD
ia (11).jpg
St. John’s  College, Cambridge.
 43cm X 33cm
Ploughed filed in the Suffolk landscape.
43cm x 33cm.
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