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Photos From My Travels Through India

Rumtek Buddhist  Monastery, Sikkim ,Northern India - 11/2011

                  I have never seen so much Monk action.

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India stipple top.jpg

There are 150 monks all living & studying in this  beautiful monastery at the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range. This incredible building looks kid it was designed by a kid that when a bit crazy with colourful crayons.

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India anceint building.jpg

Work started on the Monastery in the early 1960's by the monks that had to flee Tibet  after the Chinese invasion. Rumtek was the first monastery to be built outside Tibet after the takeover and the Chinese are still not happy that the India government allowed the monks to stayin their country. Jez.... get over it, the monks are here to stay and my job was to become one.

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India Ian  Monk.jpg
India monkks3.jpg
India flags2.JPG

These three Musketeers were my taskmasters, they had the hard job of trying to turn me into a monk within a week. Middle picture, top going down, that's Boss monk  Fu, then LeeThong, and lastly Sherab, who is now on a 3 year vow of silent. I swear Im not making it up.

I have never had such a laugh & great time filming with this guys. Nowhere was out of bounds, we had the freedom to swam around filing anything and anywhere we wanted. But I knew that the self discipline was always going to be a bridge too far. There was alot of monkeying about.....

India monks n chapel.jpg

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India Monks.jpg

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Indiamonks prayer.JPG

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With the elegance of the monastery &vivid colours of the monk, it turns really bad photographers into a genius. 

India monks ceremony.JPG

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India monks bnw.JPG

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India monks assemble.jpg

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India monks blowing Horn.JPG

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India monks researching.JPG

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Monks painting with sand because nothing is permanent.

Feeding 150 vege monks is a tall order, the vats of curry, dal & rice in the kichen are huge and delicious .

Fu, I think, is contemplating my commitment to the order.

Prayers written on cloth, fluttering in the wind in the monastery gardens.

 Never argue with the divine wisdom of the Buddhist monk.

monk 8.jpg

What I like about the smaller monks, is that, they are really easy to bully and, they don't grass....


What a lovely result , Lee Thong was teaching in Scotland and came down to London for a surprise visit. This is us at Greenwish.  Good to see he still follows the Town! Remember - A monk is never cold in sandle's,

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