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Above the Artic Circle, Ships and  Ice
My favourite place on earth is anything above the Artic Circle. I absolutely love it! It’s so different and alien to anything I know.
It’s a beautiful, deadly , icy wildness. After my earlier paintings of mountains & Norwegian fjords I got a bit obsessed with
myths, folklore, explorers and the early days of ships and people’s with that harsh environment. Plus one of my favourite
poems is Coleridge’s - Rime of the Ancient Mariner. And as you can see that obsession got the better of me.
Sailing Ship Drift toward giant iceberg by moonlight.
61cm x 61cm.
Exploring the world of ice.jpg
Exploring The Artic Ice Pack. 
70cm x 49cm
Whale In Deep Ice. Oil.jpg
Whales Revenge.
51cm x 50cm

Ship Caught on The Ice . Oil.jpg
Explorers stranded in the Ice whilst searching for the North West Passage.
33cm x 24cm.
Dead sailor’s, dead ships catch in ice.
Ice Ships. Dead sailor’s, catch in ice.
Dead Ships Detail....
Dead, Ships, Dead Sailors, Floating in The Graveyard.
61cm x 91cm.
Sailing ship in high seas. Oils.jpg
Sailing ship in high seas.
41cm x 52cm.
Ghost ship glides pass a whaling ship. O
Ghost ship glides pass a whaling ship.
80cm x 60cm 

Albatros fullsize.jpg

The Albatross.

81cm x 35cm.

£ 450

Albatros fullsize2.jpg

‘At length did come an Albatross,

Thorough the fog it came,

As if it had been a Christian soul,

We hail’d it in Gods name.'


                  The Rime of the Ancient 

              by Marine- Samuel Coleridge.


Sailing ships graveyard.jpg
Voyages End.  The Artic Graveyard of  Sailing ships
50cm x 55cm.

Albatross Detail.

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