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Photos From My Travels Through Norway

Norway Has it All.

Beautiful mountains, Fjords, lowlands, icy wilderness, countless islands, extra ordinary history and hardly anyone lives there.

           Norway has it ALL!

             Beautiful mountains, fjords, lowlands, icy wildness, countless islands,                                   extraordinary history and hardly anyone lives there.

Norway 2 mountain.jpg
This is Flam. Considered one of the most stunning landscape in the country.

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Norway 1 mountain.jpg
Norway 4 Ianteam.jpg
Norway 5 Ianteam.jpg

The Viking spirit is still in their blood.

Norway 7 NativeGroup.jpg
A typical Norwegian family on a day out in Flam
Norway 8 NativeCostume.jpg
Norway 11 NativeCostume.jpg

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Norway 6 NativeCostume.jpg
Norway 9 NativeCostume.jpg

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Norway 12 ian Drink.jpg
Norway 10 building.jpg

The Best pub in Flam. Well... the only pub in Flam and its a beatuy,

Built to look like an old Viking hall and it has its own mico-brewery.

Its a win, win situation!


Norway 13 TrainView.jpg
Flam: Allegedely the most beautiful place in Norway, according to the tourist board
Norway 14.jpg

Unforgetable train journey to get there... Wow!

plus, halfway into the trip, the train stops for a 5 min photo op. Here you will see Huldra singing to you under

a waterfall, some say she a beautiful mythological creature, i say an out of work actress. 

The Viking spirit is still in their blood
Norway 17 Chopper.jpg
This is how to get your panoramic top shots
Norway 3 mountain.jpg

To be honest, everywhere you point the camera in Norway ,you will get a great picture. And this is the best way to get that perfect panoramic shot...

Norway 16 Chopper.jpg
Norway 15.jpg
Annoyingly. anywhere you go in Norway is beautiful
ianiphone2018 200.JPG
A road sign in Norway, Come on , Never not funny !!
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