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Commisions in 2021.
I have become the unoffical artist in risident for the Grand Cholan, Southern Indian restraunt at the Docklands Harbour, London. Where, Sam the owner, wants to showcase the Cholan Dynasty to the world. Plus the food is sensational. Its one of those siturations where the cooking smells are endlessly woffing around the streets and once you smell those spices , that all you what to eat. 

Cholan warriors at war.
A copy of an old Cholan wall painting. I painted in acrylics and using gold, bronze & silver leaf on the weapon blades.
This painting shows the powerful Cholan navy with is unique, new ship design, with some hull's resembling a modern catamaran. This vessals gave the southern India army a huge advantage over most opposition, fighting at sea or land, using these boat for speed and suprise. 
The dynasty was one of the longest in the world, lasting from 300 BC to 1300 AD. It streached from South India all the way  to the Phillipines but also traded as far as Europe to China.
I used the composition of a famous sea battle painting of the Spanish Armada and just changed the style of the boats to the Cholan ships, also using acylic and gold leaf.

Here we used a Museum style look to show other aspects of the the Cholan culture and history.
I have used self drying-clay to sculpture these anicent Cholan stone cravings found on the walls of temples all aove southern India and I cast these pewter coins to represent the beautiful currency used throughout the dynasty,
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