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Photos From My Travels Through Russia
More on Photos From My Travels in Russia. Inspiration taken from various forms of natural  architecture and cultural events. 


People would always ask me - Is there any place on earth that haven't been too and  would love to visit? And the answer would always be Siberia. So this trip was a dream come true.

Ice Hut.JPG

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Wooden Portrait.JPG

I had never heard of Kamchatka! and now its one of my favourite place's, Wow ... what a Journey!

Old houses where the people of Kamchatka use to live. 


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I'm in my element, freezing my nuts off in Siberia.

Siberian Eskimos.JPG

Siberian sheep farmers living in the beautiful & harsh icy wildness in the arse end of nowhere.

Siberian Cheif.JPG

Now thats a Knife!

Theres a lot of  serious raindeer action out here.


This places are so sparsely populated but, not surprisingly, the people that live in this frozen environment are as hard as nails with sack loads of tradition and culture.


Filming is always a full on battle, especially in temperatures of around -30, Here's Martin & Mike,( Director & soundman) sun bathing  in Kamcahatka, and as you can see, everything is frozen.  

Siberian Train.JPG

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I didn't think that thing could get better but they did. We then travelled one of the best railway jjourneys in the world. The Trans-Siberia express.

And this is the perfect meal to eat on the train. Strips of cured salmon, caviar, black bread, lemon and Vodka. 

Siberian sport2.JPG
Siberian Sports.JPG

You cant visit Siberia without having a wrestle with the locals.

Mactep Drawing.JPG
Ice painting.JPG
russia image.jpg

Just a few drawings from the window on endless van journeys.

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