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Photos From My Travels Through China

China 11. 2013 - Harbin/Anhui

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These are the spectacular Huangshan which means Yellow mountains ,in Anhui Province, Eastern China.

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This is Longmo our top guide, top man and wonderfully Cuckoo!

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The famous Ice Festival  in Harbin

Harbin is a strangely unique city in the North East China. It has a strong Russia influence,some people call it the mini Moscow, It also has the biggest Ice Festival in the world, as you can see a whole town made out of ice. Yes it cold there! 

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At least i had sometime to relax by the pool, An icy hole on the frozen river,


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Crazy, extreme places , create crazy and extreme people. Here's Mr Ji and his love for the theatricals, a bit like myself.


I managed to landed an acting role in a big Chinese film called My Lucky Star in Beijing staring, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon actess Zhang Ziyi. I played the part of an extra. The film was  a huge success in china. it cost $ 8 million to make but grossed over $ 22.8 mill. in return. I didn't see a penny? and worst I  was cut out of the  movie all together....... hurtful!


The ancient village of Qianxian Nanping.


This is the  stunning  village of Qianxian Nanping in Anhui. Some of the buildings date  back over 800 years but its not a museum its just a working normal town. 

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Traditional Russia bakery in Harbin, where Russians go to relearn their old traditional homeland bakery skills with was lost over time.

Old town in Anhui with a young driver.

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