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Lightening , Sun and Fire.
This is a series of 3 paintings inspired by climbing to the top of the most active plus the most accessible volcano in the world and peering into its fiery heart. A piece of moulding lava flying through the air missed us by inches, I swear that’s true. Mt. Yasur in Vanuatu, an island in the S. Pacific. 

Lightening striking twice.  

31cm x 31cm


Sun setting.jpg

Sun setting under brooding clouds.

31cm x 31cm.

£ 380

 Thunder, lightening & rain.

31cm. X 31cm. 
£ 380


In to the belly of the beast. One of the Volcano’s lava vents explodes into the call nights air.  32cm x 31cm.

£ 380.

Under the showdown of the volcano. Looking up at the steep dark side of Mt. Yasur, waiting to walk the short distance to the top. 32cm. X 31cm

£ 380.

Volcano. Lava vents on the crater floor of the volcano. Mt. Yasur. Vanmatu, in the S. Pacific.

    32cm. X 31cm.