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Contact Me, Ian Wright
I will be delighted to have a conversation with anyone who share similar interests as expressed and displayed by the artwork and photos shared on my website.

I can truly say that I enjoyed every second of my CrAzY 25 years hosting one of the most popular TV Travel programs ever! It was broadcast around the  world, shown in 40 countries across 6 continents, mainly on Discovery channel, Travel channel, Channel 4 & PBS, going out to millions of viewers all over the planet.
Today, I still am the luckiest man on the earth and that's because I married the love of my life, the travelling was fun too!
Feel free to get in touch with me regarding any of my artworks and photographs. 
As a special note, we are prepared to customize work on most of my photos and paintings for clients who wish to have some personalization to any of our work for their personal  collection. The photograthy of the Art work is in a state of improvement. Anyone who is interested in purchsing any pieces I came send further detailed photos and information shall including my personal inspirations, influences, explanations and techniques used on any chosen artworks.

Kindly contact me by email and I shall do my best to respond to you as promptly as possible. Thanks.
All post & packageing is free within the UK.

Yours truly
Ian Wright,

Artist, TV Host & Film Maker. 

My email is:
            Find me on Instagram.
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