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Australia (Oz) Lights
I went a bit crazy for the light in Australia because it was so strong, bathed everything in fantastic colour. I also was hooked and influenced by stunning Aboriginal painting which I had never see in the flesh, so to speak.  Another mind-blowing experience was a visit to Uluru (Ayers Rock), its extraordinary! A beautiful lump of rock, in the middle of nowhere, bursting high out of the flat desert wilderness ... and when the light hits it.....
Uluru and lizards. 45cm x 70cm

 £ 950.  SOLD.

Ozzie landscape.

  68cm x 36cm.


Uluru at sun down. Australia.
46cm x 60cm.

£ 500 

Lizards. Oils, gold leaf& beads.
43cm x 41cm.  

Uluru at night. Oils & gold leaf. 
Australia.  46cm x 65cm


Turtle swimming. Oil & gold leaf.
   66cm x 48cm.
 £500. SOLD

Australian outback sunset.

68cm x 70cm.