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Photos From My Travels Through Malaysia.

From the Kuala Lumpur night scene to deep into the Jungle.


This is Joanne Kam, Malaysia's Queen of comedy , she invited me into her world for the TV show 'Invite Mr Wright'. She is stand up comedian, MC, actess, radio host, chef and all round cheeky monkey, we had ablast!


So wrong! Yes... that's me, in drag, at one of Joanne's clubs. After 2 hours of make-up, I still look like Parker Camille Bowles...

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Malaysia19 Blower.JPG

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The forest always has it dangers, whether you're on the back of a motorbike ready to film or you've got your back to a director trying out his new blow pipe. The director here is Phil Stebbings, one of the best in the buisness and a great shoot with a poson dart.


A travelling story teller and puppeteer.


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He makes all of these beautiful, intricate puppets out of thin animal skin, as paper wouldn't last 5 mins.


That night me and Phil were asked to join a spirit guide ceremony. Alass it was not working for me, I was not feeling the vibe, where as Phil was on it, locals said they could see the spirit guide following him all the time. 

It remindered me of the time I swam with dulphins in Cuda. Everyone told me that they are such sensative, spiritual animals, and they  can look deep into our souls,  instantly knewing wether we are a good person or not. Accidentally while swinning under water I kicked the dulphin right in the stomach, it when nuts and tried to bite my arm off. Am I bad person? But then again, you know what dulphins can be like, so feckin' judgemental..

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