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Photos From My Travels Through Taiwan

Taiwan with the fabulous JANET HSIEH . 2013


 This is Janet Hsieh, host of Fun Taiwan. (plus a hundred other shows, modeling, acting, etc, her job list is endless. She is the hardest work person I knew and she loves every minute of it). She invited me on to her show years ago and we have never looked back since She‘s a Texan/Taiwanese married to a British/Taiwanese man and they got married in Antarctic. And Yes... they are mental in the best possible way, I class her as a friend but she insists that i'm more of a stalker and wont lift the restraining order.

This is us filming our own Naked Survival show, strangely not to be commissioned.


Nothing wrong with this picture.


What an insane wedding photograph because it’s all REAL!, NO photo shop at all. Yes, they really did get married in the Antarctic. Sadly me & my wife couldn’t make the journey so I made them a wedding flag instead. Now they have two beautiful kids.


Include info here please

Taiwan Ghost Festival. 

It’s similar to Halloween but Instead of just one night, in true  Taiwanese style,  it lasts a whole month. There are varies different celebrations All over the island. This one is,  you fill a Model cardboard House full of paper objects Ie - cars ,TV’s,  yachts & paper Money, all The stuff you want in the after life. When it’s full it’s taken down the sea. The house is then set on fire and push into the waves, the further out it floats the more luck you get...

TAIW 11.jpg
TAIW 10.png
Taiwan costumes.JPG

I love it, health & safety is out of the window in Taiwan. Me and Janet training for the night ahead.

We are covered in firecracks which set alight, to see if we can handle been shot at with real fireworks

Taiwan 'Beehive' Firework Festival. Yanshui.

The origins to this one is - Doctors couldn't get rid of a cholera epidemic, so the people turned to the god Guan Gong. He insisted on fireworks begin let off everywhere he when in the town, and it worked. Pity we can't let off dangerous firework everytime we see Boris Johnson walking around London.

Getting that protective gear on...

Taiwan streets.JPG

These are the beehive's. There are loads of this wooded hive all around the town, hundreds of racks in each one stacked full, from head to toe with thousands upon thousands  of firework.

Taiwan skyline.JPG

And of course, once the fireworks are lite and are shooting off in all directions, the closer you get to the beehives and the more you get yourself hit by rockets, the more lucky you are.

Taiwan firworks.JPG

JUST BRILLIANT! I was so lucky.

If this was England there would be one firework, 4 buckets of water & 12 Health & Safety office. Remember kids, Safety First and fun later.


Another festival - teams of 10 people have to climb a Greasy pole 2 storeys high. The winners get nothing, so, in a way we won..


I love the Taiwanese. The shows there was some of the best laughs I have had.

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