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Landscapes Around The World

When I look at my art work all gathered together like this, it sometimes feels that they have no obviously theme or a set painting style. I think that's because when I have an idea for a picture, I will approach it by using whatever technique seems to be right for the subject. As the landscapes below illustrate.

(And then I'll go nuts for 2 years where all the paintings are similar in every way..... Cuckoo. )

ia (16).jpg
Patchwork landscape. Suffolk, England   61cm x 61cm.
Chasing the sun. View from a plane windo
Chasing the sun. View from a plane window.
30cm x 32cm
£350 SOLD
Deep into the rainforest. Brazil. Oils.j
Deep into the rainforest. Brazil.
62cm  x62cm.  

Red landscape.jpg

Red landscape with my Gramma's fence.

UK.  97cm x 43cm. 

£ 600

Desert. Oil.jpg
Indian market, Goa. Oils. 7cm x 50cm
£ 350
Aleppo, Syria.jpg

Train window heading to Aleppo, Syria.

17cm x 80cm.

£ 320

Indian market, Goa. Oils.jpg

Moroccan Desert beyond the Atlas Mts.
80cm x 61cm.

£ 320

tokyo subway.jpg

Waiting for a train on the Tokyo subway.  Japan. 25cm x 68cm.  

£ 320

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